90 Day Fiancé: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Kalani Faagata (2023)

Viewers first met Kalani Faagata on Season 6 of the TLC reality show90 day fiance. That season, Kalani was just beginning his 90-day journey with Asuelu Pulaa, who hails from Samoa. The pair are now married with two children, and they also appeared on90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Recently, Kalani and Asuelu have been in the news again, this time at the center of divorce rumors. The last few years have been an adventure for Kalani, who constantly balances her new relationship, parenthood and family drama. While Kalani remains open and honest with her fans, there's always something interesting to learn about her.

Kalani is a Savage X Fenty Ambassador

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In February, Kalani uploaded her firstInstagrampictured as the official ambassador for Rihanna's lingerie line, Savage X Fenty. She now regularly posts a range of beautiful lingerie, pajama and robe sets, all made by the singer's brand.

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According to the brand's website.wild x fenty"It celebrates bravery, confidence and inclusiveness," and according to the Kalani ambassador's fierce images, she clearly embodies that sentiment. Kalani isn't the only 90 Day star getting in on the Savage X Fenty ambassador action. Her sister, Kolini, is also a partner in the lingerie brand, as isPaola Mayfield from 90 Day Fiancé Season 1.

The customer met Asuelu while on vacation

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Departures of 90 days are often found on websites dedicated to international relations. However, sometimes90 Day Couples Meet in Unique Ways, as was the case with Kalani and Asuelu. The couple met in 2017 while Kalani was on vacation in Samoa. Asuelu was the activities director at her resort.

You mentioned that Asuelu wouldn't normally be your type. But she said of their initial encounters: "He was looking after me when I was swimming in the pool or when I was walking... and one of the nights I saw him with his shirt off and I thought, 'OK, this could work.'"

Kalani is proudly Samoan

Kalani is half Samoan on her father's side. He was born in California, but his father immigrated to the United States from Samoa before meeting his mother. Kalani proudly represents her Samoan roots. He has visited the island country several times, is trying to learn the language and regularly showcases Samoa's beauty and rich culture on his social media.

During a discussion on the show, in which Asuelu suggested that she should learn to be a "real Samoan girl", Kalani passionately responded, "I don't agree with saying 'a real Samoan girl' because I am a real Samoan girl." regardless of all the other parameters other people put around me.” The reality star continued, “I am a true Samoan. My father is Samoan. I'm a Samoan."

Kalani is in no rush to have another baby

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The couple had their children, Oliver and Kennedy, just over a year apart. Since then, Kalani has been vocal about her desire to wait before having another child. She even partnered with Natural Cycles, a program that tracks fertility cycles.

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InanInstagramIn a post about the company, she writes, "While being the mother [of my children] has been a wonderfully chaotic blessing, I wanted to make sure I waited a little longer for our next baby." Kalani has been very vocal about the stress of raising two young children while navigating a challenging relationship. The intention to increase her family seems like a prudent move on her part.

Kalani is extremely popular on Instagram

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Like many 90 Day stars, Kalani uses her Instagram account to interact with viewers and promote the show. She has become a fan favorite since her first appearance on the series and has the following to prove it. With a fanbase 800K deep,Kalani has more followers on Instagramthan most of her co-stars.

As a result of his popularity, he is often associated with brands and products, advertising them on his page. Brand association aside, her Instagram account is incredibly family-focused. Most of his photographs show his children, his parents, his sister or Asuelu.

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Kalani and Asuelu have aCanal do Youtubewhere they give fans deeper insight into their lives together and their family. The channel, which currently has over 70,000 subscribers and nearly 3 million views, features vlogs about key moments in their lives, cooking tutorials, Q&A sessions, and much more.

In addition to a growing YouTube channel, the couple also have a Cameo profile, where fans can pay to receive a personal greeting from the reality stars. Many cast members select a selection of social media and paid subscription accounts such as Cameo or OnlyFans to generate additional revenue and exposure.

Kalani's sister is her biggest fan

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Kalani and her younger sister Kolini are best friends. Kolini, who has become a regular on the reality show, is always supportive of Kalani, though she has had her ups and downs with her brother-in-law, Asuelu. Before Asuelu came to the US, Kolini was instrumental in taking care of his nephew. At one point, fans questioned why Kolini was so involved in her sister's wedding, even though she was never one of them.worst 90 day brothers.

Kalani seems equally concerned about her sister. She captioned aInstagramThe post showed her giving Kolini a sweet kiss on the cheek, with an adorable message: "My love for you will always have a depth unlike any other kind of love. Brotherly love is too pure and selfless to deny."

Kalani's zodiac sign is Cancer

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Kalani's birthday is July 2nd, which makes her a Cancer. According to astrology, people born under the sign of Cancer are highly sensitive, loyal, emotional and devoted. They are also known to be caretakers, which makes Kalani seem to love being a mother.


Asuelu, who was born on May 15th, is a Taurus who, although stubborn, can be a good match for a Cancer. Both signs significantly value creating a strong and healthy home life, preferring the peace their homes and families offer to going out or seeking excitement. Based on the stars, it looks like Kalani and Asuelu aren't as shabby a couple as they sometimes seem.

Kalani was raised a Mormon

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Like many cast members of 90 Days,Kalani has ties to the Mormon church. He was raised in the religion, and although he mentioned that he's no longer a part of the faith, it's clear that he's dealing with the teachings he learned growing up. She spoke on the show about being a virgin before meeting Asuelu.

Kalani explained, "In the Mormon faith, they teach you don't have sex before you're married, but after my second visit to Samoa to see Asuelu, I felt like I'd found someone I loved and wanted to experience it with." Kalani's sister, Kolini, also mentioned that she is no longer Mormon, although her parents may still be.

Kalani ama viajar

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Kalani always seems to be traveling. In addition to visiting Samoa regularly, Kalani and her family often explore new places. He currently lives in Utah, but has been posting photos visiting cities and states across the country. He has recently been to Disneyland, Las Vegas, New York and Hawaii.

It's nice to see your family together on trips, and it's admirable that you often include your kids on trips, allowing them to experience places they've never been. It seems likely that the family will continue to travel even more now that pandemic restrictions are being relaxed.

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